Want To Sell Your Property Fast?

22/01/2013 13:45

The current economic situation is gloomy and people are finding it very difficult to sell their homes. However, if you are among those people and want to sell your house fast, then we at Fast House Sales can support you. Our company buys homes in south east Queensland and New South Wales.

General Information

Most people do not have enough spare money to buy a house with cash. This is the reason most people look towards banks and lending institutions for loans to buy homes.

The current financial situation is not healthy,with banks and financial institutions having made the process of getting loans much more difficult than it was ever before. 

Banks have made the process of taking loans difficult because many people defaulted on their loans. Now stricter conditions are placed to make sure that most people who lend money will pay their loan back on time.

The stricter rules require people to deposit at least 20% of the loan value to get the loan.

This condition means that for a $500,000 house, a customer now needs to deposit $100,000 to get the loan. This is a huge amount of money and very few people have such amount of savings.

This is the reason there are very few buyers out there in the market.

Fewer numbers of buyers has made it very difficult for people to sell their homes and houses in quickly.

Mortgage stress

Selling homes in the present financial situation is something most people are avoiding. However, people who are feeling trouble in returning their lent money to banks are the ones who want to sell their homes.

The stress of such a situation is so much that people are made to do things they would have hardly dreamt of.

In such a situation, real estate agents advice people to sell their house at a lower price. 

Now, instead of that, you can sell house fast by taking help from Fast Hose Sales, without having to lower your selling price.

Negative Gearing

Negative gearing is taking loan to buy an asset that generates less income than the interest that is to be returned.

When financial situation was good, investors took help of negative gearing and used the increasing capital value of homes to get profit and save taxes.

However, as economic situation has worsened, the negative gearing is a problem for investors, because they are no longer able to make profit by buying a home.

This is because the value of a property has plummeted. 

Now, both the decreasing value of property and negative gearing pose a problem for people and investors alike.

These are the reasons less and less people are now interested in buying homes. If such a situation is being faced by you, we can help you sell house fast and you would not have to reduce the price of your home. 

This is also important because if the price of your house is decreased significantly, you will find it difficult to repay your loan back.

Even in this situation where selling home is a difficult task, we at Fast house sales know what is required to sell house fast. Our company will make sure that you house will appear different from others that are out up for sale. In this way, your home would have a better chance of being sold. All that is required from your side is to contact our company and get a value for your home based on location. The whole settlement process is completed in 7days.